2017 Project Life App Creative Team Member for Becky Higgins LLC

I am extremely excited to announce that I have been selected as a 2017 Project Life App Creative Team member for Becky Higgins LLC.  I started using the physical Project Life system in 2012 and then switched to using the Project Life App in 2015. For those that are not familiar with Project Life, Becky Higgins has developed an amazing and very simple scrapbook system by using a physical version, a digital version and/or the Project Life App. You can find out more at www.beckyhiggins.com.

I love how easy it is to document our daily life using the Project Life App.  It is special to watch my husband and children enjoy the albums. I have always wanted to find and keep up with a scrapbook system that could fit into our busy schedule. I can even document our life while in the hayfield or waiting for a cow to calf in the barn.

I document our year by the week and have done so since 2012. This allows me the opportunity to include the little moments in each week.  I have also made childhood albums for my brother and a friend as wedding gifts. This year I plan to continue documenting by the week while working on an album to document my children’s arts and crafts and an album for each child that documents by the month so that they can take with them when they graduate.

I plan to blog as often as possible about my page layouts and the techniques and strategies that I use. Please feel free to leave a comment below on what you would like to know or to ask any questions that you have.

You can find out more about me and the other 2017 Creative Team members here.  If you would like to shop for supplies, click here!

I would love for you to follow me on this journey in 2017!

On the Go – Project Life App

One of my favourite aspects of using the Project Life App is that you don’t require anything other than a tablet with internet, and possibly a camera if you don’t use your tablet camera exclusively.  Therefore, you can scrapbook on the go while waiting for your children at 4-H meeting, while on vacation or when watching television in the evening.

What could be better than documenting your special moments for years to come without taking time away from the countless other tasks you have to do at home!

Here are a few pages that I have worked on over the past year while on the go! 

Project Life Summary Dec 5th to 11th

It has been a busy week with getting ready for Christmas and having company arrive. Therefore, I only worked on a couple pages to summarize our December 5th week. I still have to catch up from November, hopefully I can spend some time during Christmas holidays relaxing and catching up on pages.

Using the Hello December 2015 edition of Project Life cards, I created the first page for the week.

Using the Picturesque Edition of cards, I quickly prepared the next layout from photos of us feeding calves one morning.   I love how the colours all blend together so well.

It is so easy to document our life using the Project Life App!  Check back later for another Project Life summary!

3 Quick and Easy Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers 

My oldest son and I always enjoy doing a few Christmas crafts together. He usually gives out his crafts with his homemade Christmas cards to friends and family each year.  This week we made a few quick and easy crafts that take minimal prep!

Candy Cane Circles

candy-cane-circlesI traced and cut out about 6-7 circles on red and white cardstock, approximately 1 inch in diameter. I also cut a piece of 8.5 X 11 inch green cardstock in half using my paper cutter.  I then put some glue in the shape of a candy cane on the green cardstock and my son placed the circles on the glue. This activity is great for 3-4 years olds as they are learning about patterns!

Afterwards, my son wanted to make more so I used my Cricut Expression to cut more circles quickly!

Candy Cane Thumb Printing

candy-cane-thumb-printI cut a piece of 8.5 X 11 inch green cardstock in half and put some red and white Crayola washable paint on a plastic plate. My son then used his thumb to make each print for the candy cane. I had baby wipes close by so that we could clean his hand each time.  For younger children, it may be beneficial to draw the shape of a candy cane on the paper with a pencil to make it easier for them to where to place their thumb.


Christmas Gift Tags

christmas-tags-copyI used my Cricut Expression to cut a gift in the shape that I wanted on a piece of cardstock. You could also just draw and cut out the shape to make the stencil.  Next, we traced the gift tag onto the Christmas cards that we received last year, being careful to place the stencil in the most appropriate spot on the card. My son then used a small round hole punch to make the hole for the ribbon.  This makes a quick and easy gift tag, while reusing old cards!

The Elf on the Shelf – Weekly Review

When I started doing the Elf on the Shelf, I tried to keep it low key and fun! Our elf’s name is “Red” and on most days he brings along a card with an idea for a Christmas activity.  On days when I am feeling rushed (or exhausted), he just gets into something! The Elf on the Shelf tradition is a great way to get ready for Christmas by decorating the tree, making cards, baking cookies and so forth as it spreads the activities over the month. Since I would normally be doing those types of things with the boys, it doesn’t add a lot of extra work.

I usually prep the boys on November 30th with the, watching the Elf on the Shelf DVD so that they remember that Red is coming soon.  When Red arrives on December 1st, he usually brings donuts for breakfast and then each day after December 1st he moves around the house.  For the first week, he did some colouring, made snow flakes, brought balloons for us to play with and brought supplies for us to write a letter to Santa. 

Last week Red brought supplies for cookies, played Christmas songs, hung off the blinds, went Christmas tree hunting, hid in the Christmas tree, and wrapped himself!

My children look forward to being surprised with a Christmas activity/tradition each morning. It is so neat to watch them get out of bed and run through the house looking for Red.

For our yearly Project Life photo album, I make a page per week that summaries what Red brought for us or what he did. My oldest son loves going back over the past couple years to remind him of our past visits from Red.

Click here if you are interested in purchasing The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition.

Check back later this month for a free printable of the activity cards and more weekly Elf on the Shelf summaries.

I would love to hear of your ideas and photos for The Elf on the Shelf!

This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own. Thanks for your support!

Day in the Life – December

Every month for the next year I will give you some insight into my day as a homeschool mom, rancher and blogger.  Ranch life changes every month based on the seasons; therefore, one of the best things about ranching is that there is a lot of variety in our monthly tasks.

December is a slower month on the ranch so this gives us time to catch up on other tasks and get ready for Christmas.  I love our evenings in the house during December but by the time spring arrives, I am ready to be outside more!

I am fortunate as I am not the only one who does the daily feeding tasks on the ranch.  My parents and I share the tasks depending on our schedules each day. Today, I was responsible for feeding the calves and bulls.

Here is an overview of my day today.

6am – We woke up, I made the beds and dressed the boys.  We then did the Elf on the Shelf activity for the day – snowflake making!!  I started breakfast while the boys played.

Elf on the Shelf
Elf on the Shelf

7am – We had breakfast and then I cleaned up while the boys played again.  The boys play quite well together in the morning prior to going outside to feed.

8am – We headed outside to do the feeding.  My youngest was in the backpack and the other helped me move the calves to the feed troughs to feed the grain. The calves have been recently started on grain, so for the first couple weeks we must move them to the troughs to make sure they all come.  After a couple weeks, they will usually meet us at the grain bin.  The feeding of grain usually takes me about an hour with the boys.  We also checked water, salt and minerals and hay for the calves.up close

9am – My youngest was still sleeping in the backpack so I had a quick shower and did some laundry.

9:30 – We made homemade popsicles together, as suggested by my boys.

10:00 – We got ready to go to town for a children’s Christmas party at our local Prairie Coast Equipment dealership , made a quick lunch and tidied up around the house. The boys also did some colouring.

11:00 – Drove to town, went to the Christmas party and then stopped at a couple stores to pick up groceries.

2:30 – Arrived back at home, put the ingredients in the bread machine for buns, played with the boys.

3:30 – The boys and I got ready to go back outside to do the evening chores.  We spent some extra time petting my son’s show heifer.

Grain 4:45 – Back in the house, and I started to get supper ready. We had leftovers, so I had some more time to play with the boys and tidy up before supper.  My husband got home so we all have a visit around the table while waiting for supper.

5:30 – Supper and then we all watched a Christmas movie together.

7:00 – Boys fell asleep. I spent the rest of the evening cleaning house, getting the Elf on the Shelf ready for tomorrow, working on my blog, organizing my photos on the computer, getting a craft ready for us to do tomorrow and doing some laundry.

11:00 – Bedtime!

Check back in January for a new Day in the Life post!