On the Go – Project Life App

One of my favourite aspects of using the Project Life App is that you don’t require anything other than a tablet with internet, and possibly a camera if you don’t use your tablet camera exclusively.  Therefore, you can scrapbook on the go while waiting for your children at 4-H meeting, while on vacation or when watching television in the evening.

What could be better than documenting your special moments for years to come without taking time away from the countless other tasks you have to do at home!

Here are a few pages that I have worked on over the past year while on the go! 

How to Manage the Never Ending List of To Dos – Todoist

When running a ranch business, there always seems to be a million things that need to be done and the list never gets smaller.  Add being a homeschooling mom and secretary/treasurer for a regional cattlemen’s association and the list keeps climbing.

One way that I keep track of my long list is by using the Todoist app.  We live in a small house so minimizing paper and clutter is of up most importance.  I try to do as much as possible without paper so that I am not always filing through and moving paper around the house.  Todoist always me to sync across my laptop, iPad and iPhone so that I always have access to my list, even when I am outside.

I use Todoist for grocery lists, household chores and cleaning tasks, Christmas idea lists, and of course my To Do lists, all itemized by project.  I can’t possibly remember everything so this app does it for me!

Todays List for Todoist

You can itemize the tasks by project and sub-projects and you can add one of four task priority levels.

The deadlines that you add can be recurring so that you don’t need to enter the tasks more than once.

Todoist minimizes the countless lists you have around the house, without costing anything.  If you chose, you can upgrade to the Todoist Premium or Todoist Business for more features. To find out more, go to www.todoist.com

Over the next few months, I will go into more detail on my other paperless techniques and home organization that help me with my roles of a homeschool mom and rancher.