WinterPromise – I’m Ready to Learn

My 4 year old son is a busy ranch boy and I wanted to find a preschool/kindergarten curriculum for him that would be fun and very hands-on! After reading numerous blogs about a wide variety of curriculum, I decided that the WinterPromise “I’m Ready to Learn” preschool/kindergarten would be a good fit for our family! We have never looked back!

We are thoroughly enjoying all of the hands-on activities and my son is learning about the alphabet, shapes, the agriculture industry, sorting, counting and many other preschool skills! One day we may be making a billy goat with a paper plate and the next day we are looking through the house for shapes.  We have made collages from magazines, sang songs together, played games, and watched numerous videos.

We don’t always have large blocks of time to work on the daily lesson, but with this curriculum we can easily fit the activities into our lifestyle.

Prior to starting the farm unit, I wondered if it would be too easy for my son as he is very familiar with “farm life”. However, WinterPromise has included many types of farms so we are learning about pigs, dairy cattle, grain farms and many others. Each week, the curriculum includes some website links to help expand our learning! Today we watch some videos about sheep!

Being a mom and rancher, I don’t always have a lot of time for prep, especially during calving season! With WinterPromise, I have to do very minimal prep each day and supply lists are provided so I can shop for supplies well in advance. Most of the supplies are common household items and craft supplies with the exception of a few weeks where I have had to purchase a few items.

My son and I are looking forward to the next unit, At the Pond, and we will be starting our letter-by-letter book soon!

You can find out more about WinterPromise and all their amazing curriculum options at

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