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Heifers eating grain at trough on BC cattle ranch

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year! Hope you had a safe and wonderful holiday season. Thank you to all of our customers for your continuous support. We had a very successful 2020 and we are looking forward to this year! Raise your hand if 2020 looked anything like the plans you made for it at the end of […]

Autumn Ranch Chores

The perfect autumn afternoon is walking through the cattle on the hayfields and taking photos with my boys. The brilliant colours, the crisp mornings and the beautiful sunsets are just a few of my favourite things about autumn on the ranch. What are your favourite things about autumn? Over the past couple weeks, we have been […]

5 Secrets to Using Social Media for Your Ranch

Are you wanting to get your ranch brand recognized? Maybe you are direct marking beef in your community? Or maybe you are selling purebred cattle and what to get your ranch name out there to breeders  Have you been posting to social media and you are hearing crickets? Let me give you my 5 tips […]

Haying Season in Full Swing

Who’s feeling brave today? Can you handle a reality check? How many things that you’ve moaned about today are part of the life you dreamed of yesterday? I know I’m guilty of complaining about the mundane task of daily chores or the long days at times. All we need is perspective. The little agonies are […]