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Heifers eating grain at trough on BC cattle ranch

Day in the Life – July 2021

Ever wondered what a “typical” day looks like for us in July? Each and every day looks different on the ranch, and it especially varies on the season. Right now we are haying, checking pastures, working in the garden along with many other daily chores. Here is a glimpse into a day in my life in July.

Isn’t She Just a Cow?

I have lived and breathed cows since I was a baby so needless to say, I love cows. Many people will say to me, but a cow is just a cow.  No way! Not to me! Each one is special in there own way and some, like this one, can hold a special place in […]

How We Use Rotational Grazing

Disclosure: I received some complimentary products, which are discussed in this post, from FenceFast Ltd. We strive to always maintain and in many cases continuously improve the health of the land that our cattle graze.  In order to help us do this, one technique that we like to use is rotational grazing.  We rotational graze […]

How to Go From Straight to Curved Horns on Cattle

You may have noticed cattle with horns that are curved and you may have seen some cattle which have horns that are not curved and instead grow upwards? So how do they get curved? Does it occur naturally? Or is something done to help the horns curve? Horned Hereford Cattle We raise Horned Hereford cattle; […]