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2023 Calving and Lambing Update – Day 1 to 14

Calving season is such a special time of year, and we want to be able to share a bit of an inside look into each day with you. Here is a brief look at the first two weeks of our calving and lambing. Be sure to watch our daily stories for more insight into our […]

Ranch Life in January

As a ranch mom of three boys, I get asked how do you do it all?  Honestly, I don’t.  I have an amazing supportive family to help me with raising the boys on the ranch.   Ogilvie Stock Ranch is a family ranch and we all share the responsibilities together.  My mom and dad keep […]

Six Daily Tasks During Winter

Winter arrived very quickly this year.  We went from a warm October to a full force winter storm in the beginning of November with lots of snow.  It seems like we are getting more and more extremes in our weather the past few years.  So what is it like on a ranch when winter arrives […]

Herd Sire Management

A herd sire is a bull that we use in our herd for breeding our cows. Herd sires play a large role in the genetics of our cattle program and therefore properly selecting and managing a bull is a very important task in our operation. Following is an overview of our herd sires role on our ranch.