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Beef, Lamb & Hereford Cattle Sales

Heifers eating grain at trough on BC cattle ranch

Cattle Record Keeping with CattleMax

Did you know that we keep detailed records on all of our cattle? You are probably wondering what type of records would need to be kept on cattle?  We use our records as a daily management tool to help us run a productive operation.  There are many different options for cattle record keeping. Some ranchers […]

How to Cook the Best Oven Beef Roast

We love cooking an oven roast every week. It makes for a delicious supper and then we use the leftovers as cold cut meat for sandwiches. With minimal time and minimal effort, you can make an excellent meal to serve to your family and friends.

5 Tips to Help with a Successful Haying Season

Have you ever wondered how you could make your haying season go a little smoother? Maybe you feel like your timing for swathing always seems to be perfect for getting your almost dry windrows rained on. Here are five time saving tricks that you will help you feel more confident during your haying season. Trust me, we have all been there!

Day in the Life – July 2021

Ever wondered what a “typical” day looks like for us in July? Each and every day looks different on the ranch, and it especially varies on the season. Right now we are haying, checking pastures, working in the garden along with many other daily chores. Here is a glimpse into a day in my life in July.